Tom Bekkers

Average product designer, and founder @flowbase @quillow @feedspring @optily @chalk Join our waitlist @ 🐨🌲

About me ✌️

Hey, I'm Tom - a product founder from 🌞 Brisbane, Australia. I'm passionate about creating digital products that solve various technical and business problems. I'm fortunate enough to work with some of the world's best designers and developers to create beautiful products like this one. If you would like to create a page similiar, please register with us. Join our waitlist to recieve an invite @

Career History

Here's some of the products I'm currently working on.

Founder Quillow
Say good-bye to boring link-in-bios.
Sep, 2022 - Present
Founder Flowbase
World's largest premium library of Webflow & Figma.
Dec, 2017 - Present
Co-Founder FeedSpring
Build completely custom social feeds for all websites.
Dec, 2022 - Present
Co-Founder Optily
Save hours of manual work and optimize your Webflow CMS images without quality loss.
Apr, 2020 - Present
Chalk UI

Chalk is a foundational design and development system built to help professionals build clean, scalable and efficient products.