Docketbook brings the manual paper docket process into the 21st century.

Role: User Interface Design, User Experience, Art Direction, User Testing & Research
Date: 15/01/18 (On going project)
Client: Docketbook
In January 2018 I started working with Nic and the team over at Docketbook on re-imagining their digital presence. The company felt they had taken their current branding as far as they could and they needed a change that would help push the brand further. Initial conversions with the team reviewed previous user research that the team had collated and exploring their various thoughts on layout and content execution. The team and I spoke at length on various methods of how this information should be re targeted, and how they could go about extracting key features relevant to their users. This information helped lead the visual design and layout.

Onboarding Experience

We began by looking at the users and how information was delivered to them. It was obvious with the current product, that users were overwhelmed with information. This information was simply irrelevant to the customers, and should have been delivered under umbrella terms that could encompass a number of these features. The transition across all their products had to be seamless, and the company needed to step forward as leaders in the field. The redesign of the landing page needed to be sharp and informative, something that required thought about the display and usage of the site. Testing had shown that only 15% of users were reaching the bottom of the page, significantly lower than industry standards. In response to this finding, we shifted the information so that these key features could resonate with the customers.
Animation by Brodie Pointon

Web Design & Direction

The previous approach